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            Our Mission

Nostalgia was born out of a passion for bringing luxury fragrances to the masses. As ardent scent aficionados, we couldn't ignore the inflated prices that have become the norm in the industry. Whether it's the expense of celebrity endorsements or elaborate packaging, we recognized that fragrances were being sold at exorbitant markups that didn't reflect their actual cost. It's time to bid farewell to the feeling of being left behind or overwhelmed by the world of high-end fragrances. We're here to introduce a new way of shopping that's uniquely your own.

With Nostalgia, indulging in high-quality, ethical, long-lasting fragrances is within reach. We welcome those who have been disillusioned with the industry or feel undervalued, and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Our mission is to provide access to premium fragrances without breaking the bank, and we're thrilled to be a part of a new era of perfume consumption.

Clean Squad

At Nostalgia, we believe that your fragrance should embody your individuality while simultaneously contributing to a better world. Our mission is to create perfumes that not only make you feel great but also benefit you and the planet.

We adhere to rigorous U.S. and E.U. cosmetic safety standards in the development of our fragrances, which are ethical, sustainable, and made from the finest ingredients available. Our vegan and eco-conscious scents are entirely non-toxic and cruelty-free, allowing you to indulge without guilt.

Join us in our commitment to creating clean, ethical, and eco-friendly perfumes that benefit both you and the environment.

Our Founder
Shereen Huber- Founder of Nostalgia.

I have spent a lot of time in Europe, in particular France and have visited the perfumeries in the Grasse region and always dreamt about one day developing my own perfumes but I had no idea how that would come into fruition. I have also always been passionate about using natural ingredients as much as I can. I try to use natural skincare but could never find natural perfumes that had a nice fragrance or that was long lasting and so I thought there surely must be a way to marry those two objectives. To turn my idea into a business, I started doing extensive research on the fragrance market and got to know current trends, market demand, and customer preferences. This helped me to identify the gaps in the market. It was also important to me to manufacture in Australia and so I worked with a perfumer locally and after nearly 12 months of research and development and trial and error, the brand came to life. Welcome to Nostalgia! 

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