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About Us

All of us have a favourite perfume scent. But they don’t last for very long. However, all that changes with perfume oils. Traditional perfumes you buy at your favourite retailer, comprise of 90-95% alcohol content! Alcohol acts as the carrier for the fragrance oil and when applied to the skin it evaporates off the skin very quickly! By using oil instead of alcohol, the scent becomes longer-lasting and subtle. Perfume oils are purer and are absorbed into the skin. So the fragrance lingers the entire day and not as over-powering. Nostalgia Perfume Oils are blended using organic carrier oils with pure essential oils and pure essential with fine fragrance. We use fine fragrance oils that are skin and body safe, of ‘AAA Grade’ quality. Our perfume oils are alcohol free, less likely to cause allergic reactions, longer lasting (than traditional perfume), non flammable, cruelty free, vegan and provide a much cleaner, richer and real scent.
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